Rifle Range

Our rifle range is one of the finest ranges in the county.  We take great pride in keeping the grass groomed and grounds picked up and free of clutter.

We have back-stops (berms) at 50, 100, 150 & 200 meters.  Each of these distances has their owe dedicated, covered, shooting benches made of concrete that are rock solid, suitable for both precision shooters and occasional plinkers alike.

We ask that all of our members using the range do their part in helping us keep the range in tip-top shape.  If you choose to bring your own targets to the range please take them home with you when you’re finished.  As for your used brass: If you don’t take it home for reloading, please pick it up and throw it in the nearest trash can.

We try to keep frames available for you to hang targets on.  If you’d like to move a frame to a specific distance, that’s fine with us.  BUT, please keep you targets in line with the nearest berm to keep projectiles from traveling into un-intended areas.   And please, return the frame to it’s previous location when you’re done shooting.